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Inmates at the Gilchrist County Jail can receive mail at:

Gilchrist County Jail
9239 South US Hwy 129
Trenton, Fl  32693

There are no restrictions concerning the number of letters inmates may send or receive.  Incoming mail will be opened to inspect for contraband.  Privileged mail will be opened in front of the inmate receiving to ensure that it did not contain contraband.  

Any mail received for an inmate containing any of the following will be returned to sender:

  • Stamps, envelopes, blank paper, blank greeting card, blank post card or any writing utensil.
  • Any papers that are glued, taped, or stapled.
  • Magazines, books, newspapers, newspaper clippings, calendars, or any part of any of the above.
  • Strings, ribbons, plastic, plastic wrap, or metal items.
  • Glitter, crayon, loose stickers.
  • Polaroid photos..
  • Photocopied or downloaded material.
  • Any type lipstick.
  • Perfume scented letter or envelope.
  • Any sexually suggestive material.
  • Any cash, personal checks.
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