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Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office
9239 South US 129
Trenton, FL, 32693


Phone Numbers:
Office: 352-463-3410
FAX: 352-463-3183
Jail: 352-463-3490
FAX: 352-463-4033
If you would like to make a complaint against a Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office employee, please fill out the form (located here) and return it to 9239 S US Hwy 129, Trenton, FL 32693.
 Robert D. Schultz, III, Sheriff  bschultz@gcso.us
 Lt. Edwin Jenkins, Investigations Commander  ejenkins@gcso.us
 Lt. Jeff Manning, Admin. Lieutenant  jmanning@gcso.us
 Lt. Troy Davis, Patrol Commander  tdavis@gcso.us
 Lieutenant Sheryl Brown, Corrections Commander  sbrown@gcso.us
 Trish Taylor, Supervisor of Dispatch  ttaylor@gcso.us
 Jeannine Pfannschmidt, Administrative Assistant  jeannine@gcso.us
 Jean Roberts, Records Clerk  jroberts@gcso.us
 Carolyn Teague, Civil Clerk  cteague@gcso.us
 Brent Owens, Director of Information Technologies  bowens@gcso.us

 Lt. Edwin Jenkins, Investigations Commander  ejenkins@gcso.us
 Windy Ponce, Detective  wponce@gcso.us
 Kenneth Phillips, Detective  kphillips@gcso.us
 Michelle Jones, Detective  mjones@gcso.us

 Lt. Sheryl Brown  sbrown@gcso.us
 Steven Cruze  scruze@gcso.us
 Mandy Hughes  mhughes@gcso.us
 David Kirkland  dkirkland@gcso.us
 Tamora Carty  tcarty@gcso.us
 Robert Perryman  rperryman@gcso.us
 Scott Snyder  ssnyder@gcso.us
 Nicole Certain  ncertain@gcso.us

 Lt. Troy Davis, Patrol Commander  tdavis@gcso.us
 Alex Gaston, Sergeant - Patrol  agaston@gcso.us
 Amanda Colson, Deputy  acolson@gcso.us
 Brittany Lee, Deputy  blee@gcso.us
 James Kitlen, Deputy  jkitlen@gcso.us
 Stephen Stalvey, Sergeant - Patrol  sstalvey@gcso.us
 Tom Tucker, Deputy  ttucker@gcso.us
 Wayne May, Sergeant - Patrol  wmay@gcso.us
 Timmy Langford, Sergeant - Patrol  langfordt@gcso.us
 C.J. Schauble, School Resource Officer  schaublec@gcso.us
 Jeff Davis, Deputy  jdavis@gcso.us
 Scotty Douglas, Deputy  sdouglas@gcso.us
 Brent Strickland, Deputy  bstrickland@gcso.us
 Wayne Dasher, Deputy  cdasher@gcso.us
 David Aderholt, School Resource Officer  aderholtd@gcso.us



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