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The responsibilities of the Judicial Division of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office include:

. Court security

. Courtroom procedures

. Jury procedures

. Custody and processing of prisoners

. Witness assistance and procedures

. Proper handling of spectators

. Service of civil and criminal process

. Criminal arrest warrants

Florida State Statutes require the Sheriff of the county to have deputies present at all court proceedings. Court security requires a deputy outside the courtroom to check all persons entering the area of the courtroom for weapons. The Sheriff must also provide at least one deputy sheriff inside each courtroom to act as bailiff for each session of court. Deputies assigned to court security are responsible for the safety of the judge, witnesses, jury and all other persons who may be present. The duties of the bailiff include safety, carrying out the orders of the judge, caring for and direction of the jury, assisting witnesses, control of spectators, arrest and processing of prisoners and transporting prisoners to and from the county jail.

Our Judicial Division consists of:         
Gary Blankenship, Deputy
Tom Scott, Deputy
Leonard Knuckles, Deputy
David Aderholt, Deputy
Carolyn Teague, Civil Clerk

The Judicial Division is also assisted by several civilians that take care of the warrants, writs, and other paperwork. Any questions regarding outstanding warrants or civil problems can be directed to one of the above officers. Please call the GCSO at (352) 463-3181 or 1-800-701-3410 in the State of Florida.

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